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The John Calvin Commentary app peaked as the 2nd top paid reference app in the US. The Complete John Calvin Commentary App provides you with over 22,000 pages of trusted verse by verse explanations of Scripture with over 100,000 Scripture references (KJV) and notes in your pocket.

No wireless connection needed. The entire commentary is contained on your iPhone or iPad using only 164 MB of storage. You can find our app on the appstore.

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John Calvin Commentary

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top rank achieved in all paid apps on the appstore


top paid reference app on the appstore

275+  5 star reviews

5 Star “Get the timeless views  of the Reformer  for almost free. Delete your vain Words with Friends & Arminian Run and make space for the bearded face.” Grandmaster Mulligan

5 Stars – Great app Great mind

This app isa great resource for those who study Gods word as one of the greatest theologians understood it.


5 Stars – Solid App

“To any theology student or Christian looking to further their knowledge of the Word of God, this is one app that you need to buy. It is worth every penny. John Calvin is one of the world’s leading theologians and his commentaries are fantastic. The app itself is easy to use which is also fantastic. To the developer: well done, sir. It is by far that best app I’ve ever downloaded for theology. Thank you and Soli Deo Gloria.”Solid app by Jason Buchholz

 5 Stars – Truth that fits in your pocket

Brilliant app with amazing content. Every student of the Word should download it.

Rogerio Coutinho

5 Stars – For travelers

This is a great app especially for those of us who travel a lot and cannot bring our libraries with us. This app gives me the opportunity to study, meditate and feed on God’s Word with some insight from Calvin in places I would normally not have this help.


5 Stars – Awezumz

Great app! Keep it up for the work of the Lord!


5 Stars – Love it!

This has been so extremely helpful!! I am in love with this app! :)


5 Stars – Must Have App

Having one of the most brilliant minds at your finger tips is a must have. Not only is it great to have to know more of who Christ is, but it is great to be able to study and find answers to the deep theological truths of scripture. Very thankful for this app.

saved and free

5 Stars – 22K Pages of John Calvin on Your Phone

Absolutely love the Calvin Commentary app! Very easy to use. This is one of the best Bible study apps you can get!

Loving Parents

5 Stars – Great resource

I am loving this app. Using it in the pew on Sunday, and in further studies during the week. So what more can I say it is good enough that I use it often his insights stand as true today as they did back then his examples are such that they too stand against time well


5 Stars – Great App

Like others, I’ve enjoyed using this app while traveling. It’s fantastic to have such a wealth of information at your fingertips.


About John Calvin

“Among all those who have been born of women there has not risen a greater than John Calvin. No age before him ever produced his equal and no age after has seen his rival.”

Charles H. Spurgeon

“It has been said to omit John Calvin from the history of western civilization is to read history with one eye closed.”

M. Houghton

“The largest Bible commentary project ever undertaken by one individual”

-Dr. Steven Lawson.

“John Calvin is by far the greatest of all the reformers.”

William Cunningham

“Calvin is the man who next to St. Paul has done most to mankind.”

William Cunningham

“Calvin was the exegete of the reformation.”

John Murray

“Without Calvin, the Protestant movement would have died by the end of the 16th century.”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“No man had a profounder view of God than John Calvin”

Benjamin B. Warfield

“John Calvin propounded truth more clearly than any man that ever breathed, knew more scripture and explained it more carefully”

Charles H. Spurgeon

“Calvin gave the ablest, soundest and clearest exposition of scripture that has been seen in a thousand years.”

John A. Broadus

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